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Thanks for visiting this page and your interest in supporting me!

Take action

Improve my projects

Help me to develop projects which are maintained by me (as in source code). Other forms of contribution forms include e.g. bug-reporting, localization, design (UI), usability (UX), testing.
For some kinds of contribution little to no technical experience is required. Everybody has an opinion on things, so give it a try :).

Give feedback

Feedback is always welcome.
Everybody is happy about some form of thank you, you did something great alike message. Even better if it includes meaningful feedback - where criticism is worth a lot, to find out what needs to be improved.

Posts on your website / blog / social media are very welcome too, to get more people informed or making use of my projects.

You can contact me via anything listed in the Contact section.
Other places to give feedback are GitHub (issue/star/follow) and Google Play.

Open-Source Community Notice

If you did support me in some way or plan to do so, note that this in no way means that I will develop or work on specific issues, tasks or wishes. I do develop Open-Source Software during leisure time, for free and whenever I have enough time, energy and motivation for it.
There are two things that you can help me out: time and motivation. This is the page where you can find out how to do that.

About me

Welcome to my personal blog!

I am doing software development in many areas, with my main fields of experience being cross-platform software (C++/Qt), Android apps (native), Linux & DevOps (Bash/Python/Ruby, Docker, ...).

Open Source is one of my passions -- I am a developer and maintainer of many open projects and regularly start contributing to additional ones. Support me on my mission! My other favourite activities include photography and being outdoor as much as possible. I am too volunteering at the local fire department. I went to school at HTL Braunau (Electronics / Software Engineering & Mobile Computing), studied at FH Hagenberg (Mobile Computing) and work currently at Felgo.